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Throughout the history of cinema, many genres have been created and mass numbers of people have gone out to the theater to see the latest masterpiece released in hopes of exploring a new world and possibly gaining knowledge about themselves and the world around them. Science fiction is a genre that has stood the test of time and has lasted over the years, yet it still is able to shock and awe every audience it is presented to. This iconic genre has gathered a library of actors over the years to make them icons in the science fiction genre. From heroes and villains to robots alike, all around the galaxy we explore the final frontier in our spaceships. This album is a collection of images of iconic actors starring as heroes, villains, and robots. Many famous actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator, Sigourney Weaver (one of the first female actors to portray an action hero) as Ripley, and Harrison Ford as the space bandit saving the galaxy with sith lords or a neo-noir detective hunting down androids. However, some films are so old that people forget about them, or see certain science fiction films as "monster films" or "thrillers," but when you look closely it is hard to miss the science fiction in them. They may come from a galaxy far far away but nonetheless they move us regardless of age. This album is dedicated to those who continue to live on in our minds and our hearts, whether they are human, cyborgs, little green people, cantankerous golden robots, large blue people, monsters from the depths or just flat out strange. On this page we have attempted as best we can do to place the characters and icons into the categories "heroes," "villains," "video games," "TV series," "spaceships," and "robots," but as you will see there are many who fall into multiple categories and others who start out in one and later in their life completely change.
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